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Fair Trade Organic
Freshly brewed organic house medium or French roast coffee
Single or double, organic coffee in its purest & richest form
AMERICANO: Espresso shots topped with hot water. Similar in strength to brewed coffee, but has the true rich espresso flavour
Chocolate orange americano
Pure, rich espresso and chocolate infused with zest of orange. Topped with whipped cream & chocolate shavings
RED ESPRESSO: 100% organic Rooibos tea; NO caffeine & MORE antioxidants than green tea!
STEEPED LOOSE LEAF TEA: Featuring Metropolitan's finest exotic teas!
NORTHERN FOG: Creamy steamed milk infused with Earl Grey tea & a hint of vanilla.
PINE BEETLE FOG: Rooibos tea & vanilla infused into creamy steamed milk
LOGGERS FOG: Creamy steamed milk infused with Sencha Green tea & a hint of vanilla.
STEAMER: Steamed milk, usually enjoyed with a DaVinci flavour shot
HOT CHOCOLATE: The classic, made with steamed milk - NO WATER!
Topped with real whipped cream & chocolate shavings
MOCHA: Blend of chocolate, espresso & steamed milk;
topped with whipped cream & chocolate shavings
LATTE: Smooth steamed milk with espresso
CAPPUCCINO: Similar to the latté with the added feature of foam
CHAI LATTE: An intensely aromatic spiced milk & tea infusion.
HOT TWIST COFFEE: Medium or dark roast coffee with chocolate, your choice of flavour & a shot of cream
Flavours: German, Irish, French & Hungarian



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